Wigs Today photographed by Mallo in Hollywood California

"Wigs Today" photographed by Mallo in Hollywood California

Wigs – not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY!

I thought I’d only ever see one of these in a HG Lewis movie, but they do in fact exist.

Wigs Today is located in Hollywood, California.

Wider shot of Wigs Today

Wider shot of "Wigs Today"


What kind of a name for a shop is “We Be Knives”? A pretty funny one. Strange, also. Kind of crazy and ritualistic even.

This is a shop that specializes in, funnily enough, knives and cutting implements. It is located in San Francisco, near Pier 39. Where all the seals are.

Not sure if it’s still there. Can anyone confirm/deny its current existence? Email us if so.

We Be Knives in San Francisco

"We Be Knives" in San Francisco