Thank you to David for sending in this shit shop front – “In the Pink”, a hair stylists located in Walton on the Naze in Essex, England. “In the Pink” sounds almost pornographic…


Two shit shops for the price of one!

Mr. Chips, believe it or not, is still a going concern and serves fish and chips to the people of Salford on a daily basis. Despite the decrepit frontage.

Crusty’s, on the other hand, is a rotten, closed-down sandwich shop that further accentuates the site. Taking it from merely drab, to the level of legendary. Will we ever see a worse shit shop front?

PS. Note to Salford graffiti “artists” – it’s ‘MuppEts’, not ‘Muppits’, you Muppets…

Mr. Chips - Salford, Lancashire, England

"Mr. Chips" - Salford, Lancashire, England


This travesty of a pub name had us slapping our foreheads…

Pub Fiction - Benidorm, Spain

"Pub Fiction" - Benidorm, Spain