Two shit shops for the price of one!

Mr. Chips, believe it or not, is still a going concern and serves fish and chips to the people of Salford on a daily basis. Despite the decrepit frontage.

Crusty’s, on the other hand, is a rotten, closed-down sandwich shop that further accentuates the site. Taking it from merely drab, to the level of legendary. Will we ever see a worse shit shop front?

PS. Note to Salford graffiti “artists” – it’s ‘MuppEts’, not ‘Muppits’, you Muppets…

Mr. Chips - Salford, Lancashire, England

"Mr. Chips" - Salford, Lancashire, England

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  1. Classic.

  2. The regeneration of Salford at it’s best. I have it on good authority that this little diamond in the rough is still a thriving business. Hats off to Mr Chips.

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