shitshopfronts.com – the original website about ‘shit shop fronts’. Now in its tenth year.

Shit Shop Fronts was set up in 2000 to showcase interesting photographs of shops with rubbish, funny or outlandish names and frontages. It was created as ‘a bit of fun’ – to laugh at some of the strange ideas that people have when they go into business – and it remains that to this day.

Shit Shop Fronts has undergone a number of changes since its conception, and recently it was converted into one of those new-fangled ‘blog’ things. We hope you like the new design.

Unlike many of our imitators: we have always used our own photographs, and we do not steal images from the Internet to use on our site. We see a shit, strange, or funny shop on our travels: we photograph it and put it here.

We accept submissions. If you see a shit shop on your travels: take a photo and send it to us. Please make sure you tell us where it is too. We credit all submissions properly.

Many thanks.

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