Classic – what a shop front! Imagine if shop owners could get away with this kind of thing in the UK or USA. You could have: “Greggs – fucking perfect pasties”; or “M&S – fucking perfect sarnies”; or [the list goes on]. Thanks to Mike and Karen for bringing this beauty to our attention. And thanks to Mecki for making us laugh!

Shit Shop Fronts - Mecki - Fucking Perfect Bike

Mecki - the Italians obviously have a sense of humour...


Another very badly-named hairdressing establishment. What is it with you guys and dodgy names?! Thank you to Eva for sending this to us!

Shit Shop Fronts - Curl Up & Dye - Whittlesey

Curl Up & Dye - it's what we want to do when we see this...


As frequented by Borat. Clearly.

Sexy Shop - sticking a y at the end of sex doesnt equal sexy.

"Sexy Shop" - sticking a 'y' at the end of 'sex' doesn't equal 'sexy'.


Thank you to David for sending in this shit shop front – “In the Pink”, a hair stylists located in Walton on the Naze in Essex, England. “In the Pink” sounds almost pornographic…


Two shit shops for the price of one!

Mr. Chips, believe it or not, is still a going concern and serves fish and chips to the people of Salford on a daily basis. Despite the decrepit frontage.

Crusty’s, on the other hand, is a rotten, closed-down sandwich shop that further accentuates the site. Taking it from merely drab, to the level of legendary. Will we ever see a worse shit shop front?

PS. Note to Salford graffiti “artists” – it’s ‘MuppEts’, not ‘Muppits’, you Muppets…

Mr. Chips - Salford, Lancashire, England

"Mr. Chips" - Salford, Lancashire, England


This travesty of a pub name had us slapping our foreheads…

Pub Fiction - Benidorm, Spain

"Pub Fiction" - Benidorm, Spain

Shoooz of Las Vegas - Eye-catching, but awful.

"Shoooz" of Las Vegas - Eye-catching, but awful.

Only in America will you get a shop name as shit as this one.

It defies all sense of dignity and taste. Terrible.

Bagel of the North

"Bagel of the North"

Inner-city fast food dullness.

What does Babys King king mean?

What does "Baby's King" 'king mean?

This hideous monstrosity of a toy shop caught my eye on a recent trip to Spain. Even the shop name makes no sense.

Anything but amazing

Anything but 'amazing'

If there’s one thing this shop isn’t, it’s ‘amazing’. In fact it’s one of the worst we’ve ever seen. “Everything £6?” – Yeah, “amazing”…